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A Waste car tyre to Tarmac story

This is a recent article that brings us up to date on the development of waste tyres for making road surfaces. This is great news for us all because if it is a success, we will all benefit, and the waste tyre problem will no longer exist. More reading from Eric Roberts:

On a smaller scale people paint the old waste tyres and use in a garden display. I was not sure about this in the first place, but my wife and I had a go and they looked pretty good. The old tyres retain moister and warmth and the plants love this growing environment. We have also been successful in growing vegetables, in waste tyres that are stacked up in three’s and fours.

 This is especially good for growing potatoes

 because you can remove the top tyres to get at the potatoes, when they have grown.
Waste tyres are also used to re-establish coral reefs and it has been found that they make great hiding and breeding places for fish and molluscs, so there may be further under water ideas to be considered for using waste tyres in the lakes and seas of the world.

Q: What is the big deal about recycling used tyres? 

A: It's similar to brewing fresh tea from old leaves, actually! Millions of tyres come to an end of their useful life annually in the UK alone. Recycling these old rubber rings offers them a new lease of life rather than just throwing them in the trash.

Q: Millions of tyres, wow. What becomes of them all?

A well-posed query! Many are turned into useful items like fuel, playground surfaces and even building materials. It's similar to up cycling in that it transforms something ugly into something amazing!

Q: That seems smart! However, is recycling them really necessary?

A: Taking care of our beautiful, verdant land is the main priority. Tyres that have been dumped can be very unsightly and bad for the environment. Recycling conserves vital resources and aids in the reduction of pollution. Besides, it's preferable than their clogging up the countryside, isn't it?

Q: That's true. Tyre recycling: how is it done?

A lot goes into the process! The rubber is reused once the tyres are cut into little pieces and any metal is removed (nails should not be in playgrounds!). It is similar to re purposing leftover ingredients to make a new cake.

Q: Is there a place where I can recycle my old tyres? 

A: Definitely! In the UK, a lot of garages and tyre centres will accept your used tyres for recycling. It's wise to first inquire in your neighbourhood centre.

Q: What's interesting about recycling tyres in the United Kingdom? 

A: Now, did you know that recycled tyres were used in the construction of a portion of the M6 toll road near Birmingham? Furthermore, recycling is really popular in Halifax, where I'm from. There are several excellent facilities there that turn used tyres into valuable things.

Q: So getting rid of old tyres isn't the only thing to consider?

A: That's right! It's about using our creativity to preserve the environment for next generations. It's also kind of a win-win situation because we produce something helpful and get rid of rubbish.


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