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Falken Tyres go greener

Falken Tyres go greener

Falken Tyres go Greener

Of course, as suppliers of Falken tyres, we are pleased to hear about this news from Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which makes and supplies our Falken tyre brand.

So the story goes. When it comes to achieving carbon neutrality throughout its supply chain by the year 2030, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. has established new emission reduction targets that are significantly higher. In addition, the corporation has enhanced the reduction of emissions from its own production facilities and suppliers, which was also targeted by the date that was specified before.

 Due to the efforts that were put in

 The goals that were established in the past have already been accomplished ahead of schedule. In accordance with its long-term sustainability policy, which is titled "Driving Our Future Challenge 2050," the company will take additional steps to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the supply chain.

When it comes to reaching its goal of becoming carbon dioxide neutral, Sumitomo is taking a methodical approach. First, the scopes that corresponded to each other were defined. As a consequence of this, the organisation makes a distinction between emissions that directly originate from its own activities, emissions that are directly connected but indirect, and other indirect emissions that are not included in the calculation.

It is estimated that around 90 percent: Falken Tyres go greener

 of the greenhouse gases produced by the Sumitomo Rubber Group are the result of emissions resulting from the development and procurement of materials, logistics, sales, use, processing, and recycling. In a continuous manner, the Group has established goals for itself to attain carbon dioxide neutrality throughout the entirety of the supply chain by the year 2030. They account for the vast majority of emissions in these regions.

Both at its own manufacturing facilities and at its suppliers, Sumitomo has already achieved a higher level of reduction in emissions than was originally planned. The implementation of energy-saving measures and the utilisation of renewable energy sources made a substantial contribution to this.

 In 2021, the corporation committed to achieving its objective

of making a fifty percent reduction in emissions by the year 2030. The emissions were lowered ahead of time as a result of the active efforts that were made in all of the assigned regions.

 When compared to the levels in 2017, Sumitomo is now expanding its objective to a reduction of 55 percent by the year 2030. This is in contrast to the previous year's target of a reduction of 35 percent. Within the tyre manufacturing facilities of China and Thailand, the implementation of electricity generation through the utilisation of renewable energy sources was a substantial contributor to the reduction. Additionally, this highlights Sumitomo Rubber's goal of becoming carbon dioxide neutral by the year 2050.

Due to the fact that Falken and its parent company: Falken Tyres go greener

 Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. (SRI), has received three nominations for the "Tyre Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence" this year, They are enjoying a successful beginning to the year.

As a result of SRI's utilisation of hydrogen and solar energy in the manufacturing process, the company has been considered for the award in the category of "Environmental Achievement of the Year – Manufacturing." The company is also being considered for the award of "R&D Breakthrough of the Year" for its Tyre Internal Power Generation Technology. This technology is a solution that creates electric power from the rotation of the tyres and supplies this power to peripheral tyre sensors.

Additionally, the AZENIS RS820 from Falken has been selected for further consideration in the 'Tyre of the Year' category. The brand-new ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) tyre was introduced in 2023. It is designed to provide ultra-precise handling, stability, refinement, and control at all speeds and in a variety of situations through its engineering.

According to Andreas Giese: Falken Tyres go greener

 Chief Corporate Officer at Falken Tyre Europe GmbH, "SRI is proud to have been recognised numerous times in the Tyre Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence because of their commitment to innovation and excellence.

" After being awarded the first-ever "R&D Breakthrough of the Year" in 2023, we are overjoyed to have been honoured once more for our continuous investment in research and development. This investment is an essential part of our long-term sustainability policy, which is referred to as "Driving Our Future Challenge 2050," and it is also an important step towards the realisation of a sustainable society.

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