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Top 10 Car Problem Causes

Top 10 Car Problem Causes

  1. Brakes: Ignoring any noise or grinding from your brakes, or if they feel spongy and mushy and aren't stopping you as quickly as they should, is quite risky. Make an inspection appointment for them right away. Simply put, the danger isn't worth it. 

    2. Liquid replenishment's including screen wash.
    Try telling yourself that after you've just collided with another car on the M62 because your windscreen has accumulated dirt, even though it may not seem like a big deal to you.

    The fluids that are used in the radiator, including brake, and steering reservoirs, connect to more evident safety concerns for you and your car. A drop in these levels could spell dangers. Once more, an annual service should take care of them, but if you notice something unusual when doing your regular inspections, there may be a more serious problem at hand. Contact your local garage for a second opinion, if required.

    3. Fan belt timing
    We applaud the drivers who changed their fans or timing belts this year. A seized up engine can eventually be caused by worn or damaged timing or fan belts, which would require much more expensive repair or replacement than simply replacing those belts. Check the replacement times with your local garage if you are not sure. Computer software is available for timing belt change times and is usually accurate.

4. Air conditioning and heating
More comfort than safety is at stake with this repair. The fourth item on our list highlights how crucial it is to stay warm—or cool—when travelling or embarking on an adventure. Many drivers appear to leave this problem until the air conditioning won’t work at all. Leaving a possible large repair bill.

5. Changes of oil and oil filters
Changing your oil and filter is an essential component of basic car maintenance, but if you've noticed uneven engine performance or excessive oil use, these issues may indicate more serious issues. Finding oil condition at number five on our list is encouraging for the longevity of your cars, as it has a negative impact on your car’s engine life.

6. Clutch kit replacement and repair
The performance and fuel efficiency of your automobile will be impacted if it has a slipping clutch. So as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your car clutch, take it to your local garage for an inspection. Replacing a clutch as soon as possible is a preferable choice, since nobody enjoys being stranded without a gearbox or unable to shift gears on a family day out.

7. Changing the battery
Modern cars have a nearly infinite number of potential electrical problems. Since batteries are regarded as consumable parts, most of us will probably need to replace at least one of them throughout the course of our cars' lifetimes. Your garage will pick up a potential battery problem during a regular service.

8. Spark plugs
Many cars are now fitted with more efficient fuel injection systems and therefore do not have any plugs to worry about. However, spark plugs have a great deal of responsibility for the power and performance of the vehicle for such a small part. The intervals between 20 and 100 miles are when they should be changed, depending on the kind of plug. Your engine will have to work harder in the interim the longer you wait to change them. However, some plugs are now “long-life” and only require changing every few years.

9. Replacing coil springs
Here in Halifax, we have a huge pothole problem. Of course, this accounts for most broken spring problems. I'm not sure if this directly addresses the situation of roads today, but it certainly might play a role in items 9 and 10 of our list. Major components of the suspension system are coil springs, and after a collision or when navigating over potholes and other debris on the road, wheel alignment frequently suffers damage.

10. Wheel straightening
Wheel alignment issues can result from more than just collisions with potholes, kerbs, and other road debris; they can also be the result of issues with related suspension parts like the shock absorbers. One or more of those problems could be the cause of the abrupt bumpiness in your journey. 

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