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Tyre Disposal Policy

Tyre Disposal Policy

All our tyres are returned to a licenced tyre recycling plant. 

The Second Life of Used Tyres: A Trip from on the Road to in the Recycling Process
Have you ever pondered the possibility of what happens to tyres once they have completed their journey on the roads? You know, we are always confronted with them, aren't we? These old rubber rings that have been worn out, bald, and exhausted due to the fact that they have journeyed far and wide. On the other hand, things do not simply disappear into thin air. This is not the case; rather, these old tyres are about to start on a fascinating voyage of metamorphosis, which is not only ingenious but also beneficial to the environment. Let's investigate the ways in which these grumpy veterans of the road discover new meanings in their lives.

Playground Pals: A Fun and Risk-Free Activity
Let's begin with the playgrounds! Do you remember those bouncy and spongy surfaces that were found in children's play areas? Recycled tyre material is frequently used in their construction. When our children are climbing, jumping, and swinging, this is a brilliant approach to offer them with a safe padding that they can use. Furthermore, it is an excellent illustration of how something that appears to be of no use may be transformed into a resource that is of immense value.

2. Recovering Energy: A Source of Fuel for Thought
The recovery of energy is yet another intelligent technique to make use of used tyres. The combustion of these tyres in controlled circumstances can result in the production of energy. 'Tyre Derived Fuel' (TDF) is the name of the process that does this. In spite of the fact that it might sound a little bit suspicious, burning old tyres for fuel is surprisingly cleaner and more efficient than some of the more conventional sources of energy. Obviously, all of this is carried out with extremely stringent environmental rules in mind.

3. Rubber Roads: Driving on Tyres That Have Been Recycled
You might not be aware of this, but the roads that you drive on might include waste from your old tyres. In order to construct roads, reclaimed tyre rubber is, in fact, combined with some asphalt. This not only helps to recycle the tyre, but it also reinforces the road surfaces, making them more resistant to breaking and more durable. Moreover, the ride is more comfortable. Therefore, the next time you are driving over a section of road that is unusually smooth, you should give some thought to the old tyres that might be under your wheels. 

Trainers with a tyre tread are the fourth item in fashionable footwear.
Here is something that is a little bizarre. The up-cycling of old tyres into trendy footwear is currently taking place! These days, businesses are repurposing the treads of tyres to make soles for shoes, which gives the shoes a distinctive appearance and an eco-friendly edge. It is the ideal combination of fashionableness and eco-friendliness.

Be creative in your gardening and crafting endeavours.
In addition, it is not just large corporations that are making use of used tyres. Gardeners and craftspeople are turning these items into planters, furniture, and even works of art. What can be accomplished with something as ordinary as an old tyre with a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease is quite remarkable.

6. The Athletic Side: Surfaces Designed for Athletics
Have you ever played on a sports court that had a surface that was slightly bouncy or when you went for a jog on a running track? To put it another way, that is recycled tyre material. These surfaces' improved shock absorption has the result of reducing the risk of injuries among athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Tyres and Halifax: A Brief Overview of the Local History
Due to the city's long and illustrious history in the industrial sector, Halifax has a unique tie to the world of tyres and automobiles. It is fascinating to consider that tyres, which have been significant contributors to the evolution of transportation, are now a part of this cycle of reuse and recycling, which is helping to make the earth a more environmentally friendly place.

The Conclusion: A Circular Journey That Is Deserving of Applause
The modest tyre, once it has served its purpose on the road, does not simply wind up in a landfill. This is the explanation that you have just been given. The beginning of a new existence that is rich in variety and extremely valuable. These used tyres continue to be useful for a variety of locations, including playgrounds, pavements, energy, and workout tracks. This is a fantastic illustration of recycling at its finest, demonstrating that with a little bit of creativity, we are able to make a huge contribution to the sustainability of our planet. To put it another way, do you not believe that this is something that warrants the use of the red carpet?

Therefore, we hold a current recycling certificate.

 Consequently,at the moment, the cost of us disposing of an old tyre is £1 each. If we come across a tyre that we think may be re-used, we slash or drill the sidewall. Thus, to make sure that it does not fall into the hands of part worn tyre dealers. I have written many posts about scrap tyres including the following...

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