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What are Bubbles or Eggs on Car Tyres

The most common example of this is when your car clips a kerb.Therefore the weight of the car pinches the tyre against the kerb. So, in this situation.Thus, the weakest thing is the poor tyre. Which is trapped between the two cumbersome and robust objects? In most cases, nothing will happen. So the tyre will take the strain. But sometimes a chord of the sidewall structure will break.

This creates a weak area.Consequently, where the break has occurred. Thus causing the tyre rubber to bulge out.For this reason, forming an "egg" or lump on the tyre. In some cases.  A large area of air can become trapped between the tread carcas of the tyre and the tread area. This lifts the tread away and also causes a bubble. As expected, this is usually on a retread tyre. So, is very rare to see this on a new tyre. Many people think that their tyre is faulty if a bubble occurs. But the bubbles are due to the reason that I have explained. For more information

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