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Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

It is possible to extend the life of the blades that are used for your windscreen wipers.
In nine to twelve months, the efficiency of wiper blades is diminished. Meaning that the rubber blades become hard and are unable to clean the windscreen. So, whenever you require them to clear the windscreen, they are no longer able to do so. The good news is that there are techniques to extend the life of your blades without having to permanently replace them.

Do you know what windscreen wiper blades are?
Wiper blades have been around for almost as long as automobiles themselves. The materials and technology used to create wiper blades have evolved throughout time, but their role has remained the same.

You can think of wiper blades as nothing more than rubber attachments that are used to assist in washing the windscreen or rear window of your vehicle. They get their power from a motorised wiper arm, which they attach to. One arm is located on the back window of a conventional road car, whereas two arms are located on the front window.

What are the reasons for the failure of wiper blades?
The fact that your blades are not performing properly might be attributed to a variety of factors. In the event that your windscreen is not cleaned properly, the quantity of dirt and debris that accumulates on it can increase with time.

 As a result of the fact that windscreen wiper blades are composed of rubber, this causes the material to break down and become less effective. This is because the rubber reacts with the surface of the windscreen.

It's also possible that the wiper's arm is damaged. If it is not at a precise angle of ninety degrees with respect to the windscreen, then it will not cause the windscreen wiper to function properly and will end up causing damage.

It's possible that the load spring on your windscreen wiper arm breaks.

This causes the sections of the wiper blade that are located in the middle or at the ends to move away from the windscreen and prevents them from removing water or debris. 

You might be using a windscreen wiper that is too small for your vehicle. In the event that they are too tiny, then an insufficient amount of the windscreen will be blocked. If the blades are too large, they may come into contact with the bodywork of the car, which may cause the blade to wear out.

subsequent to being subjected to either cold or hot weather. Rubber windscreen wipers have a tendency to become damaged, and the material in them decomposes over time. This causes the blade to fail, which prevents the wiper from clearing your windscreen. As a consequence of this, streaking happens because the tip of the wiper blade has nicks in it.

Should I get new windscreen wiper blades once they fail?
The fact that the tips of your blades are worn may lead you to believe that this is the end of the queue for your blade. We are fortunate to have the Wiper Blade Saver TM tool, which allows you to refresh the tips of your windscreen wipers without having to purchase new blades.

The cutting of a precise and correctly angled section of the rubber to generate a new edge for your wiper blade is all that is required to revitalise the tip of the wiper blade using this unique method.

The convenient saving tool makes it possible to renew your blade in a matter of seconds. Therefore, if the rubber on your blades is not completely dry, you can anticipate that they will continue to serve you for another year.


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